MDF Services

Market development funds (MDF) are used in an indirect sales channel where funds are made available by a manufacturer to help affiliates create local awareness around the brand.

Strategic Planning and Accountability

Read on if you’re interested in implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® which encourages focus, discipline, and accountability in your team.

Finance and Consulting

If your business is struggling to streamline and organize its financial processes, we can help. Pulling from the experience of Tek Agency’s founder, Dave Sevigny, we provide financial consultation and support.


Grant Writing

Most small organizations can generally find grants or programs that are worth applying for, but they just don’t have the bandwidth to complete the application process. Dave has successfully written and been awarded over $75,000 in grants over the last 5 years. Passing off the grant-writing task to someone else helps you focus on running your business.

Let’s build something together.

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