Finance Operations and Consulting

If your business is struggling to streamline and organize its financial processes, we can help. Pulling from the experience of Tek Agency’s founder, Dave Sevigny, we provide financial consultation and support in the following ways:

Part-time CFO/COO

Dave grew his businesses from a one-person shop to an organization supporting 30 employees.  He found that most times, as businesses grow, they just need a bit more help, but don’t want to bite off a 6 figure salary. Dave can step in for 1-2 days a week to manage your organization’s accounting and finance divisions. A part-time CFO or COO:

  • Ensures your company’s financial reports are accurate and promptly shared with the executive team. Effectively, Dave will become a financial executive, handling everything relating to cash flow and financial planning.
  • Advises senior management on profit-maximizing ideas as well as guides strategic initiatives. Dave will make suggestions based on over 20 years of running his own business, as well as assist with forecasting, cost-benefit analysis and funding for various initiatives.
  • Dave brings over 30 years of sales experience to your finance department. Most finance people don’t have a selling skillset, because they’ve never had to do it. Dave understands what it takes to engage clients, build a funnel, and close deals.  

Finance Department Management

Bringing Dave and Tek Agency on to assist in department management adds a slightly more regulatory approach. A high-level reorganization effort includes the following:

  • Dictates weekly and monthly tasks to whatever financial team is in place. Dave will help the department to streamline certain tasks such as forecast preparation, business activity reports and financial health assessments.
  • Teaches the department employees how to find ways to reduce costs and analyze market trends to maximize profits.

Let’s build something together.

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