Peer Group Mentor and Manager

Dave is a firm believer in the value of business owner peer groups and giving back. Your peers, more than anyone else, can provide support, experience, and education that you can’t get from any book or course. Dave has experience as a multi-year member of a Vistage CEO group and is also an active business peer group chair of the following:

Commerce Lexington Business Owner’s Advisory Boards

One of Commerce Lexington’s most effective business assistance efforts is the Business Owners Advisory Board (BOAB). These groups allow business owners to share similar challenges, strategies, and best practices in a confidential, non-competitive environment.  Meetings are typically held once per month.

Lexington Executive Exchange

When an outgrowth of his peers wanted to have a deeper experience together, Dave formed the Lexington Executive Exchange. In this group, 4-5 business owners meet every 6 weeks for a half day or a full day to have an in-depth discussion on topics related to their businesses, including detailed financial reviews, strategic planning, and issue resolution.  

Let’s build something together.

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